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Atrix 4G Issues

This is a discussion on Atrix 4G Issues within the Motorola Atrix Help forums, part of the Motorola Atrix Support Forum category; hey guys! so, i got the atrix when it first came out and was pretty excited about it. it was, after all, my first smart ...

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Thread: Atrix 4G Issues

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    Exclamation Atrix 4G Issues

    hey guys!
    so, i got the atrix when it first came out and was pretty excited about it. it was, after all, my first smart phone, and i had done a lot of research before choosing the atrix 4g. now, it's been almost a year since i've purchased the phone, and the novelty has worn off. as i got more comfortable with the android system and the phone itself, ive found several bugs that simply annoy me! here is the list of issues/bugs below:

    1. stock music player skips, lags, and jumps seemingly at random. when i listen to the stock music player, the tracks skip, lag, and jump..a lot. i don't know why it does this, but i have noticed it happening when i am pushing data or scrolling through twitter. but i've also noticed it when i turn off background data or when it's in airplane mode as well. i have heard that the music skips when you play with the earphone jack so i tried that...but it didn't skip at those times.

    2. i send double texts. everyone, all of my friends, complain that i keep sending them double texts. i use go sms and love it for all of its features. i tried going back to the stock messenger app but that kept freezing/crashing on me.

    3. phantom music widget does its job sporadically. i've noticed this especially after this past month's phone update. when i hit play/pause...nothing for a minute, then it'll play or pause. when i hit next or before, i'll have to wait an average of 7 seconds before it does anything.

    4. toggle widgets (for gps, wifi, airplane mode, and silent) are laggy after this past month's update.

    5. widget locker is buggy overall. sometimes it'll make me unlock twice (even though i don't have a passcode). sometimes it'll crash my entire phone. sometimes, it'll interfere with the pop-up reply for my texts and wont let me type in the box even though i see a cursor there

    i have the atrix 4g, running on gingerbread, and in a weird root situation (my friend implored me to root my phone, so i let him do it. he says he was able to root my phone, but i don't have any root functions beside having installed superuser)

    that's all the major stuff that annoy me from a day to day basis. i'm a big android guy, still a newb, and i get tired of hearing from my family, all mac users, that i should have gotten an iphone and that i wouldnt have any of these problems. they dont understand just how convenient it is to have a phone that can do anything you want it to!

    thanks in advance
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    Hiya Sam - and welcome to Atrix Forums! We are delighted to have you as a member.

    As to your problems, that you list, I can't be much of a help to you on those - I'm not a technician, and with the exception of GoSms, haven't used any of the programs you're having problems with. If you hang on for awhile though, one of our top notch Rescue Squad guys will swing by and give you a hand.
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    Well there a few things you can try. First installed the system monitoring app WatchDog Lite. Then under the settings set the CPU threshold between 20-30%, the interval to 1 min, check include phone processes and monitor phone processes. Set the System process CPU threshold between 30-40%. Now start using your phone and see if you get any notifications from any apps you don't expect, ie an app your not currently using or one that's taking a ton of CPU time. If you get one that alerts continually and you can live with out it for a bit uninstall it and see if it helps any. It'll take a little work, but if it's an app that is causing it you should be able to find it.

    Also, I personally will go through the list of running apps every now and then and if I see something that I know I havn't started in ages running then I'll go look and see why it's starting. Most of the time it has notifications enabled that I have no use for.

    Lastly, if it still continues you can do a factory reset. This will reset your phone back to factory defaults. This wipes all user data from the phone so backup anything that isn't synced to a server.
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