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[GUIDE] How to Install a ROM from 1.2.6 flashed to 1.5.7 root

This is a discussion on [GUIDE] How to Install a ROM from 1.2.6 flashed to 1.5.7 root within the Motorola Atrix Roms forums, part of the Motorola Atrix Development category; *This is just a text translation/elaboration* Hey, I know I hated looking all over the place on this. Here I am just trying to redirect ...

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    [GUIDE] How to Install a ROM from 1.2.6 flashed to 1.5.7 root

    *This is just a text translation/elaboration*

    Hey, I know I hated looking all over the place on this. Here I am just trying to redirect all the instructions for use here on Atrix Forums. Let me know if i'm too high and forgot something. Happy 4:20 all you ganja gurus.

    I'm going to let you know, I didn't care much for the crap on my phone so I just flashed back to 1.26. If you need your app data, please find a way to back it up as I didn't care to learn.

    Apologies to the kiddos but you need admin rights on your PC to root so make sure to copy your parents password before attempting.

    Download all the files you will need(I suggest sticking them all in one folder for now ex. c:\droidstuff):
    Roms Pick one-
    RSD Lite
    1.2.6 SBF
    Root V2
    Tenfar's CWM Recovery
    x86 x64 windows drivers

    Now that you have everything you'll need, lets prepare for the actual work. Here's a list of things that should be done before you start.

    1) Install windows drivers for your handset
    2) Install RSD lite
    3) Extract the 1.26 SBF and place it in your centralized folder for ease of access.(Password is atrixbl)
    4) Make a folder in the Root of your C drive and extract Riral's root v2 to it. C:\retainroot is what I used.
    5) If you have an SD card, place your chosen ROM.zip onto your SD card (connect via usb>usb mode mass storage>place somewhere you'll be able to remember)
    6) If you have an SD card, extract Tenfar's CWM recovery and place the MOTOA4_Bootstrap.APK somewhere you'll remember it on the card.

    That should do it for the prep work. Now we need the steps. There are three phases to rooting from a clean flash. Flashing, Rooting/Upgrade, then installing the ROM.

    Like I said before, I did not care to backup appdata and phone data. Flashing will erase your config. Please extend your searches if you need to backup your data.

    Alright, step one: Flashing back to 1.26

    1) Run RSD Lite on your computer.

    2) Press the "..." button to the right of "Filename".

    3) Locate the SBF file for 1.26 (It should be in your centralized folder )

    4) Make sure your Atrix is unplugged, and power it down.

    5) Once it's powered down, proceed to hold the power button and the volume up
    button at the same time. After a few seconds "Starting RSD protocol support" will appear in white at the top of the screen.

    6) After this happens, plug your Atrix into the USB port on the back of your computer. RSD Lite should detect your device automatically and display “Model: NS Flash Olympus” and “Connected…”.

    7) If you've followed all these steps correctly and can see your phone, take a deep breath and press "Start". Your phone will then proceed to flash and will finish with a reboot. Boom after reboot you have a fresh n clean phone ready to be rooted/upgraded.

    Step 2: Rooting and upgrading

    1) Locate where ever the hell you extracted Rirals Root V2, and make sure that it is stored in a similar format to C:\folder. Again this is essential as your root will not work if it is not in a basic directory such as this. (ex. c:\retainroot)

    2) Plug your phone in if you unplugged it, and enable USB debugging mode. (Settings>Applications>Development>USB Debugging Mode)

    3) Open your Rirals root extracted folder (ex. C:\retainroot) and Run the Gladroot batch file as an administrator. It will open a DOS window, It should recognize your device and proceed to Root. If you have problems with this reread the instructions and make sure you have the folder containing these files in a C:\folder format (ex. C:\retainroot) Also make sure you have installed your windows USB handset drivers (I ran into problems with both of these things.)

    4) If step three is successful, it's time to upgrade your phone OTA update style. You "have" to be connected to WIFI to download this, however, I connected to wifi for a second then walked out the door and was still downloading it on my way to work.
    After this downloads, click install and it will install itself and you will now be on version 1.57

    5) Before you dip out to abuse your root, make sure your USB debugging mode is still enabled (Settings>Applications>Development>USB Debugging Mode) and then in your Riral Root v2 extracted folder, run the Afterupdate batch file as an administrator.

    6) After that, shoot you're rooted dude. One step left to a custom rom, or you can peace out rooted and upgraded.

    Step 3: That good shyt (Custom ROM through CWM Recovery)
    To complete this step, you HAVE to be plugged in via wall charger. The car adapter/computer/anything else won't work (Trust me I tried).

    1) If you already have (like you should've), open a file browser on your phone and navigate to where you placed your MOTOA4_Bootstrap APK.

    2) Open it and click the "install recovery button" in the application.

    3) After that you can open this application as "System Recovery" in your application menu. Open it up if you closed it.

    *Before proceeding make sure you have placed your chosen ROM.zip onto your phone's SD card and you're phone is charging via wall charger*

    4) Inside of the "System Recovery" application press "Recovery Mode". Your phone will now reboot into this crazy terminal looking thing.

    5) To navigate this crazy terminal looking thing, use your volume up and down buttons to move the highlighted selection to "install zip from sdcard". This will bring up a file explorer.

    6) You then need to select the rom of your choice from wherever you stored it on your SDcard (Go grayblur!!). It will ask you if you really want to do this, even though you're thinking "Duh", and that it cannot be undone. Yes that's fine, give me my ROM. It will then install your rom.

    7) I can't remember but, when it's done I believe it rebooted back into recovery mode, all you have to do from there is select "reboot atrix(or something like that)", select it with the power button and watch as your phone comes up with a new bootloader
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